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What 'all-in' might look like for Jerry Jones' Cowboys in 2024

What ‘All-In’ Might Look Like for Jerry Jones’ Cowboys in 2024


Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has always been known for his ambitious and aggressive approach to building a championship team. He has never shied away from making big moves and spending big money to bring in star players. As we look ahead to 2024, it is intriguing to consider what ‘all-in’ might look like for Jerry Jones’ Cowboys. In this article, we will explore the potential scenarios and strategies that Jones could employ to create a powerhouse team in the near future.

Building an Elite Offense:

To be ‘all-in,’ the Cowboys must have a formidable offense. In 2024, quarterback Dak Prescott will still be in his prime, and Jones will likely make every effort to keep him on the roster. The team will need to secure a talented group of wide receivers to complement Prescott’s arm. Free agency will be crucial, and Jones might be willing to break the bank for a top-tier receiver like Davante Adams or Chris Godwin. Pairing an elite receiver with CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper would give the Cowboys a potent passing attack.

In the backfield, Ezekiel Elliott’s future might be uncertain due to his age and contract, but Jones will ensure that the running game remains strong. He could target a running back in the draft or pursue a free agent to maintain a balanced offensive attack.

Investing in a Dominant Offensive Line:

Jerry Jones has always recognized the importance of a strong offensive line. In 2024, Jones will continue to invest heavily in this area. Zack Martin and Tyron Smith, two stalwarts of the Cowboys’ offensive line, will still be key contributors. However, Jones will need to identify young talent to ensure a seamless transition when these veterans eventually retire. Drafting and developing promising offensive linemen will be crucial to maintaining the team’s success.

Strengthening the Defense:

While the Cowboys have made some strides in recent years to improve their defense, they will need to take it to another level to achieve ‘all-in’ status. A priority for Jones will be to bolster the pass rush, as pressuring opposing quarterbacks remains a critical aspect of winning games. In 2024, the Cowboys might look to add an impact edge rusher through free agency or the draft. A player like Chase Young or Myles Garrett could provide the defense with the spark it needs to dominate.

Jones will also focus on improving the secondary. Although cornerback Trevon Diggs has shown promise, the Cowboys will need to add depth and talent at the position. A shutdown corner could make a significant difference in the team’s ability to stop opposing passing attacks.

Striking a Balance with the Salary Cap:

Building a championship team while managing the salary cap is always a challenge. In 2024, the Cowboys’ financial situation might be more favorable due to the NFL’s expanding revenue streams. However, Jones will still need to make tough decisions to ensure that the team can afford its star players.

Jones might have to restructure contracts, release high-priced veterans, or find creative ways to manage the salary cap. Balancing financial constraints with the need to acquire top talent will be crucial in the pursuit of a championship.


Jerry Jones’ pursuit of an ‘all-in’ team in 2024 will likely involve aggressive moves in free agency, strategic drafting, and shrewd salary cap management. By building an elite offense around Dak Prescott, investing in a dominant offensive line, and strengthening the defense, the Cowboys will be formidable contenders. While nothing is guaranteed in sports, Jerry Jones’ relentless pursuit of success sets the stage for an exciting future for the Dallas Cowboys.

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