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Sir Robert Buckland warned attempts by Tory rebels to toughen up the Rwanda Bill would result in a “massive legal battle” which would be “pointless”. 

The former justice secretary is one of a number of moderate Tory MPs who have said they will oppose attempts by their colleagues to strengthen the Bill. 

He told LBC Radio that “the battle will come” in the new year when MPs debate making amendments to the legislation. 

“I think that if there are amendments that further tighten up, allegedly tighten up, this Bill then I think there will be a problem from people like me, frankly,” he said. 

“When people say tighten up the Bill I think what they actually mean is make the Bill inevitably the subject of a massive legal battle, not internationally, not in the international courts, but in the domestic courts. 

“And as I said yesterday in the House of Commons, Parliament is sovereign, of course it is, but we also have to act with a degree of restraint within the rule of law, otherwise you set up a pitched battle with the judges. 

“Nobody wants that. That’s pointless. And that is going to make the Rwanda scheme unworkable. So we have got to make sure that the Bill as it goes through is in a workable state rather than being amended to death and setting up a pointless legal fight.”

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