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  • Google Maps for iPhones gains speedometer and speed limit functions
  • The Android version of Google Maps had these functions since 2019
  • Apple Maps features a speed limits function as well

Apple iPhone users have a new feature within Google Maps.

First reported by TechCrunch on Tuesday, Google Maps is introducing its speedometer and speed limits function to Apple iPhone’s iOS operating system. Subsequently, the features will work within Apple CarPlay.

The features are five years behind Android, which Apple introduced the functions to in 2019.

The functions are being rolled out globally with the latest Google Maps software update available for free from the Apple iOS App Store.

When users use Google Maps to navigate they’ll see the vehicle’s speed shown in miles or kilometers, depending on their region, directly in the app.

The app will also show the current speed limit for where the vehicle is driving. Google noted the Speed Limits function indicator will change colors if the vehicle is going over the speed limit.

Apple Maps also displays the current speed limit directly within its app and projects via Apple CarPlay.

The speedometer and speed limits functions can be turned on by tapping the user profile image in the Google Maps app, go to Settings > Navigation > Driving Options.

Google’s quick to note that the speedometer function is for “informational use only.” 

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