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From ‘Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut’ to ‘Blackout Slush Float,’ more companies roll out promotions as hype builds over celestial event

On August 21, 2017, millions of people across the United States witnessed a rare and awe-inspiring event: a total solar eclipse. This phenomenon occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow on the Earth and blocking out the sun’s light. The last total solar eclipse visible from the contiguous United States occurred in 1979, making this event a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many.

As the eclipse drew nearer, excitement and anticipation reached a fever pitch. People from all walks of life, from scientists and astronomers to casual observers, eagerly awaited the chance to witness this celestial event. And as the hype surrounding the eclipse grew, so did the number of companies looking to capitalize on the excitement.

One of the most buzzed-about promotions came from Krispy Kreme, the popular doughnut chain. In honor of the eclipse, Krispy Kreme introduced a limited-edition doughnut called the “Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut.” This special treat featured a chocolate glaze that covered the entire doughnut, mimicking the appearance of a total solar eclipse. The doughnut was only available on the day of the eclipse, and eager customers lined up outside Krispy Kreme locations across the country to get their hands on this unique confection.

But Krispy Kreme wasn’t the only company getting in on the eclipse action. Other food and beverage companies also rolled out eclipse-themed promotions in the days leading up to the event. For example, Denny’s offered a “Mooncakes” promotion, featuring moon-shaped pancakes topped with powdered sugar. Meanwhile, Sonic Drive-In introduced a “Blackout Slush Float,” a dark purple slush topped with vanilla ice cream, in honor of the eclipse.

These promotions were just a few examples of the creative ways companies found to tie their products to the eclipse. From special menus to limited-time offers, businesses across the country sought to capitalize on the excitement surrounding this rare event.

But the eclipse wasn’t just an opportunity for companies to boost sales. It also provided a chance for brands to connect with customers in a unique and memorable way. By aligning themselves with the eclipse, businesses were able to tap into the sense of wonder and excitement that surrounded the event, creating a positive association with their products in the minds of consumers.

In addition to food and beverage promotions, other companies found innovative ways to celebrate the eclipse. For example, Airbnb offered a special promotion called “Night at Solar Eclipse,” in which customers could book a stay in a geodesic dome in Oregon to watch the eclipse from a private viewing platform. The package also included a guided tour of the surrounding area and a telescope for stargazing.

Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines offered a special eclipse-themed flight, in which passengers were treated to celestial-themed snacks and beverages, as well as special viewing glasses to watch the eclipse from the air. The flight sold out quickly, with passengers eager to experience the eclipse from a unique vantage point.

As the eclipse drew closer, the hype continued to build. Hotels in prime viewing locations sold out months in advance, and traffic jams were reported in areas along the path of totality. In cities like Nashville, Tennessee, where the eclipse was expected to be visible in its entirety, hotels and restaurants offered special eclipse-themed packages and menus to cater to the influx of visitors.

On the day of the eclipse, millions of people gathered in parks, on rooftops, and in open fields to witness this rare and breathtaking event. As the moon slowly passed in front of the sun, casting a shadow on the Earth and turning day into night, a hush fell over the crowd. For those fortunate enough to be in the path of totality, the sight of the sun’s corona peeking out from behind the moon was a sight they would never forget.

In the days and weeks following the eclipse, the hype began to die down. Businesses returned to their normal operations, and life went back to normal. But for those who had witnessed the eclipse, the memories of that day would live on forever. And for the companies that had taken advantage of the eclipse hype to promote their products, the event had provided a unique opportunity to connect with customers and create lasting memories.

In the end, the total solar eclipse of 2017 was more than just a celestial event. It was a cultural phenomenon that brought people together in a shared moment of awe and wonder. And for the companies that had rolled out eclipse-themed promotions, it was a chance to be a part of something truly special.

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