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FC Dallas released its “Afterburner Kit” before the 2024 season. Where will it rank among the club’s kits all-time?

FRISCO, Texas — FC Dallas introduced its newest kit for the 2024 season: The Afterburner Kit. 

The Afterburner Kit will be the club’s jersey for home matches in the 2024 and 2025 season. After the kit was revealed, there was mixed reaction online among the fan base. Personally, I thought it was one of the better ones FC Dallas has had. But the reaction made me wonder, where would fans rank it among the kits of the past? 

So, I grabbed photos of every kit – excluding the goalkeeper kits – FC Dallas has ever had, courtesy of To date, FC Dallas has had 42 kits. I numbered them all from 1 to 42 and used a random number generator to place the kits in a 42-team, single elimination bracket I printed from the Internet. 

Throughout the 2024 season, on FC Dallas match days, I will post a poll on WFAA’s YouTube community page, asking which kit you think is better. The winner of the FC Dallas kit bracket will be chosen on Decision Day, Oct. 19. All of the polls will be listed in this story below. 

***Note: There was no seeding for the bracket and was randomly filled out.***

FC Dallas kit bracket: Round of 32

2002-03 third kit vs. 2005 away

This poll will remain open until Saturday, May 25.

WINNER: 2021 home (70% of vote)

WINNER: 2000 home (70% of vote)

1996 away vs. 2003-04 away

WINNER: 1996 away (73% of vote)

2001-02 away vs 2014-15 home

WINNER: 2001-02 away (67% of vote)

2010-11 away vs. 2012-13 home

WINNER: 2010-11 away (67% of vote)

2015-16 away vs. 2001-02 home

WINNER: 2015-16 away (69% of vote)

2006-07 away vs. 2019-20 away

WINNER: 2019-20 away (61% of vote)

2021-22 away vs. 2022 special

WINNER: 2021-22 away (73% of vote)

FC Dallas kit bracket: 1st Round

2016-17 home vs. 2021 home

WINNER: 2021 home (79% of vote)

2003-04 home vs. 2023 home

WINNER: 2023 home (74% of vote)

1998-99 home vs. 2023 One Planet

WINNER: 2023 One Planet (67% of vote)

2020 home vs. 2002-03 third kit

WINNER: 2002-03 third (70% of vote)

2012 away vs. 2013-14 away

WINNER: 2012 away (74% of vote)

06-07 home vs. 08-09-10 home

WINNER: 08-09-10 home (77% of vote)

2024 home vs. 2008-09 away

WINNER: 2024 home (83% of vote)

2000 home vs. 2023-24 away

WINNER: 2000 home (63% of vote)

2017-18 away vs. 2018-19 home

WINNER: 2018-19 home (64% of vote)

1997 away vs. 1998-99 away

WINNER:  1998-99 away (68% of vote)

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