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11 candidates for Cowboys vacant defensive coordinator position

Title: Evaluating 11 Candidates for the Cowboys’ Vacant Defensive Coordinator Position


The Dallas Cowboys, one of the most renowned franchises in NFL history, are currently on the hunt for a new defensive coordinator. Following a disappointing defensive performance in the previous season, where they ranked in the bottom half of the league in several key defensive categories, the Cowboys are looking for a new leader to revamp their defense. In this article, we will evaluate 11 potential candidates for the Cowboys’ vacant defensive coordinator position, analyzing their experience, coaching style, and potential impact on the team.

1. Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips, a former head coach and defensive coordinator in the NFL, has a wealth of experience. With his proven track record as a defensive guru, Phillips could provide the Cowboys with a much-needed spark. Known for his aggressive play-calling and ability to adapt to his personnel, Phillips could bring stability and effectiveness to the Cowboys’ struggling defense.

2. Kris Richard

Kris Richard, the former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, is no stranger to success. During his tenure in Seattle, Richard was a key part of the legendary “Legion of Boom” defense that led the Seahawks to two Super Bowl appearances. Richard’s focus on physicality and a strong secondary could greatly benefit the Cowboys, especially with their talented group of cornerbacks.

3. Marvin Lewis

Marvin Lewis, a veteran coach who spent 16 seasons as the Cincinnati Bengals’ head coach, brings extensive knowledge and leadership to any team. Known for his disciplined approach, Lewis could instill structure and accountability in the Cowboys’ defense. His experience as a defensive coordinator before becoming a head coach would also help him adapt and strategize effectively.

4. Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan, a former NFL head coach, has a solid track record as a defensive coordinator. With experience coaching both 3-4 and 4-3 defensive schemes, Nolan could bring versatility and creativity to the Cowboys’ defensive strategy. His ability to maximize the potential of his players and create game-changing schemes could be a significant asset for the team.

5. Raheem Morris

Raheem Morris, currently the interim head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, has made a name for himself as a talented defensive mind. Known for his ability to develop young players, Morris could help the Cowboys’ defense reach their full potential. His aggressive and attacking style of defense could inject a new energy into the team.

6. George Edwards

George Edwards, the former Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator, has garnered respect for his ability to build strong defensive units. With a focus on fundamentals and technique, Edwards could help improve the Cowboys’ tackling and overall defensive performance. His experience in both 4-3 and 3-4 defensive schemes could provide versatility to the team.

7. Joe Whitt Jr.

Joe Whitt Jr., the secondary coach for the Atlanta Falcons, has an impressive resume as a defensive coach. Known for his expertise in developing cornerbacks, Whitt Jr. could help the Cowboys’ secondary become a force to be reckoned with. His attention to detail and player development skills make him a strong candidate for the coordinator position.

8. Leslie Frazier

Leslie Frazier, currently the Buffalo Bills’ defensive coordinator, has extensive experience as both a coordinator and head coach. Frazier’s emphasis on discipline and strong communication could greatly benefit the Cowboys’ defense. His ability to develop game plans tailored to his opponents’ weaknesses could make the Cowboys a more formidable unit.

9. Dom Capers

Dom Capers, a defensive coaching veteran, has a reputation for creating aggressive and disruptive defenses. With a strong emphasis on creating turnovers, Capers could help the Cowboys’ defense become a game-changer. His experience working with both 3-4 and 4-3 schemes would provide the Cowboys with versatility in defensive strategy.

10. Jim Schwartz

Jim Schwartz, the former Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator, is well-regarded for his aggressive and attacking style of defense. Known for his ability to generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks, Schwartz could greatly benefit the Cowboys’ pass rush. His experience in both 4-3 and 3-4 schemes could help the Cowboys adapt to their personnel effectively.

11. Todd Bowles

Todd Bowles, currently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive coordinator, has a proven track record of success as a defensive coach. Bowles’ ability to create complex and unpredictable defensive schemes could keep opponents guessing. Known for his strong leadership and ability to maximize his players’ potential, Bowles could elevate the Cowboys’ defense to new heights.


As the Dallas Cowboys search for a new defensive coordinator, they have a pool of talented candidates to choose from. Each candidate brings unique strengths and coaching styles that could potentially transform the Cowboys’ struggling defense. Whether it’s an experienced coach like Wade Phillips or a rising star like Kris Richard, the Cowboys will need to carefully consider their options to find the perfect fit. With the right coordinator in place, the Cowboys have the potential to turn their defense around and become a feared team once again.

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